Medallion ™ Series TransMATTer™ (MAT4-MC)

Model MAT4-MC 

To receive notifications, place the Medallion™ Series TransMATTer™ Transmitter under a doormat or bedside rug. Weight activated, it sends a wireless signal to any Medallion™ Series Receiver when a person enters or exits a room, or when someone such as a child, elderly individual or patient gets out of bed. As a result, it is ideal for use not only in homes, but also in hospitals, nursing facilities and even noisy business settings.

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User Manual



  • Signals when someone steps on a mat at doorway or bedside
  • Works with all Medallion™ Series Receivers
  • Operates with million-code technology
  • Connects the mat to the transmitter with a 10-foot cord
  • Operates on two (2) AA batteries (included)
  • Includes a low-battery indicator light
  • Features the Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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