Signature Series College Student Kit (COL-KIT-4SS)

Help ensure your son or daughter is aware and safe and in their dorm room with the Signature Series College Student Kit, comprised of four products selected for university use. The Signature Series Sidekick II™ Receiver with Strobe Light flashes a notification when it gets a signal from one of the kit’s transmitters. For example, when a visitor arrives, the Signature Series Doorbell Transmitter (DB4-SS) sends an alert to the receiver. Similarly, the Signature Series Smoke Detector Transmitter (SD4-SS) transmits a signal when it detects smoke. The Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack (VIB-PJ) plugs into the receiver to awaken your son or daughter when sleeping. Note: Click on the individual products listed below for a fuller description of their capabilities and also what comes in each box.


In the box
  • Signature Series Sidekick II™ 418 MHz Receiver with Strobe Light (SK2-SS)
  • Signature Series Smoke Detector Transmitter 418 MHZ (SD4-SS)
  • Signature Series Doorbell 418 MHz Transmitter (DB4-SS)
  • Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack (VIB-PJ)
  • Power supply
  • Telephone Cable
  • Dual Connector
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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