Legacy Series Sidekick® Basic 318 MHz Kit “D” (SK-KIT-3D)

A convenient way to extend the capabilities of your Legacy Series System, the Legacy Series Sidekick® Basic Kit “D” combines three key products. At the kit’s core is the Legacy Series Sidekick® Receiver with Strobe Light. Positioned on an end table or nightstand, the flashing strobe alerts you to everyday events as well as potential threats in your home, office or dorm room. It notifies you to signals from the Legacy Series Doorbell Transmitter – Wireless and Legacy Series Telephone/TTY/VCO Transmitter, among other transmitters now at work in your system or other new ones you may add to it. 

  • Works with all other Legacy Series Transmitters, Receivers, and Accessories
In the box
  • Legacy Series Sidekick® 318 MHz Receiver with Strobe Light (SK09214)
  • Legacy Series Doorbell 318 MHz Transmitter – Wireless (DB1003-4)
  • Legacy Series Telephone/TTY/VCO 318 MHz Transmitter (TEL1002-1)
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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