Legacy Series Omni Page 318 MHz Receiver (OP1097-2)

Wear this alerting device as you move throughout your home, office, hotel or dorm room. The Legacy Series Omni Page Receiver works with any Legacy Series Transmitter. When activated by an incoming signal from a transmitter, the receiver vibrates an alert. Different pulse patterns help you distinguish between sounds, phone calls, doorbells, smoke, and other occurrences. 

  • Alerts you to sounds, phone calls, doorbells, fire alarms, carbon monoxide threats, weather alerts and more
  • Notifies you with vibrations
  • Identifies specific events with unique pulse patterns
  • Works with all Legacy Series 318 MHz Transmitters
  • Operates on one (1) 9-volt rechargeable battery (included)
  • Important! Recharges from the Sleep Alert Charger (SAChgr3) or Battery Charger (BATCHGR) sold separately
  • Features the Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty


 Click Here To Download Manual
In the box:
  • Omni Page 318 MHz Receiver (OP1097-2)
  • Product Manual
  • One (1) 9-volt rechargeable battery
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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