Lamp Lighter Kit 3 (LLK-3)

Kit # 3  Doorbell/Telephone/Receiver/Bed Shaker  Only $149.97!! 

This kit will notify you to a doorbell and telephone or videophone by flashing your table lamp and shaking the bed.  And with the built in backup battery you will be notified in the event of a power failure.

Kit Valued at $250.93–On SALE now for only $149.97!!   That’s a saving of $100.96!!

For a limited time, when you purchase a kit, you can also order additional Lamp Lighters, Model # LLS-04 for a reduced price of $69.95 each.  Just use discount code: LLK-1 at checkout.

The LampLighter Receiver is our newest low cost receiver in the Legacy Line of products!  And now is the perfect time to purchase a kit that includes:

  • 1- Lamp Lighter Signaler, Model # LLS-04
  • 1-Doorbell Transmitter, Model # DB1003-4
  • 1-Backup Battery, Model # BU-12
  • 1- Bed Shaker, Model # VIB-PJ


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