Lamp Lighter Kit 1 (LLK-1)

The LampLighter Receiver is our newest low cost receiver in the Legacy Line of products!  And now is the perfect time to purchase a kit that includes: 

Kit 1 – Smoke/Doorbell/ Videophone-Telephone/Receiver/Bed Shaker – Only $259.95!!

This kit will notify you to telephone, doorbell and smoke detector by flashing your lamp and shaking the bed shaker.  And with battery backup in the receiver you will be notified in the event of a power failure.

Kit Valued at $411.92…Now on SALE for $259.95!  That’s a savings of $151.97!

For a limited time, when you purchase a kit, you can also order additional Lamp Lighters, Model # LLS-04 for a reduced price of $69.95 each.  Just use discount code: LLK-1 at checkout.


  • 1- Lamp Lighter Signaler, Model # LLS-04
  • 1-Backup Battery, Model # BU-12
  • 1- Smoke Detector with transmitter, Model # 1008-4
  • 1-Wireless Doorbell transmitter, Model # DB1003-4
  • 1- Bed Shaker, Model # VIB-PJ

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