Signature Series Communicator Basic Kit (COMSS-3D)

Specially designed for people who desire the freedom to move about the home or outside on the patio or in the garden and still have the peace of mind of being notified of doorbells, telephone calls and other events, the Signature Series Communicator Basic Kit features the Signature Series Communicator Body-Worn Receiver (BWR412-SS). Wear it on your belt or waistband, or place it in a pocket. When a signal is received by one of the kit’s transmitters, it displays a distinctive LED icon and pulses with vibrations in a unique pattern to indicate which event is causing the transmission. The Signature Series Telephone/TTY/VCO Transmitter (TEL-SS) signals the arrival of incoming voice, TTY or VCO phone calls when the ring tone is activated, while the Signature Series Doorbell Transmitter (DB4-SS) alerts you to visitors. Note: Click on the individual products listed below for a fuller description of their capabilities and also what comes in each box. 

In the box
  • Signature Series Communicator Body-Worn 418 MHz Receiver and Charger/Docking Station (Model BWR412-SS)
  • Signature Series Telephone/TTY/VCO 418 MHz Transmitter (TEL-SS)
  • Signature Series Doorbell 418 MHz Transmitter (DB4-SS)
  • Power supply
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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