Signature Series Care Provider Kit (CG-Kit-3SS)

Providers who care for a person who’s largely confined to a bed will appreciate the Signature Series Care Provider Kit. At the kit’s core is the Signature Series Sidekick II™ Receiver with Strobe Light (SK2-SS). Upon receiving a signal from the kit’s Signature Series Bed Mat Transmitter (BM418-SS), it notifies you with a flashing strobe light when a person laying on the mat gets out of bed. A Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack (VIB-PJ) completes the three-component kit. It plugs into the receiver so that even while sleeping, you are alerted to a patient’s movement from their bed. Note: Click on the individual products listed below for a fuller description of their capabilities and also what comes in each box.

In the box
  • Signature Series Sidekick II™ 418 MHz Receiver with Strobe Light (SK2-SS) (Receiver is now WHITE)
  • Signature Series Bed Mat 418MHz Transmitter (BM418-SS)
  • Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack (VIB-PJ)
  • Power supply
  • Telephone Cable
  • Dual Connector
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

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