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The Austin Chronicle reports that the city of Austin has settled a federal civil lawsuit in which Austin police officers are trained in effective communication techniques with deaf people, and are instructed on how to obtain sign language interpreters. Videophones will also be installed in several courtrooms and in jail.The Texas Civil Rights Project filed the lawsuit on behalf of Esther Valdez, a deaf woman who was arrested in 2009. The city and Travis county were charged with discriminating against Valdez because she could not hear. Valdez did not hear an officer yelled at her to stop walking down a busy street in North Austin, and was charged with resisting arrest. The charges against her were eventually dismissed.


One Response to “ TEXAS: City of Austin Settles Discrimination Lawsuit ”

  1. Jean Tessmer
    December 27, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    George thank you for all of the current info on civil cases for the deaf. Are all theaters now supposse to have captioning. I know they have it at the USS Arizona Memorial Visitors center theaters. Just not sure it is required of all theaters. Thanks you,
    Jean Tessmer

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